iPop - Make iPod Safe

This website is dedicated to the one and only Steve Jobs - Rest in Peace


About iPop, the game

Following several incidents in which iPods exploded and it seems that Apple tried to sweep these incidents under the carpet...Read More


How to play

The object is to sweep as many exploding iPods under the Apple store carpet before the store opens.

  • 1) Hold down mouse button to pull Jobs' broom.
  • 2) Release mouse button to fling exploding iPods.
  • 3) Sweep as many iPods as possible under the carpet.
  • 4) Finish sweeping before the store opens.

Make iPods safe

iPop was created with the love to Apple and its products.

There are millions of iPods out there, and every now and then an iPod explodes or burst into flames.

This is dangerous.

Fortunately no one was severely hurt so far.

It seems that Apple is not that responsive about these incidents and even makes an effort to silence them.
We as iPod (as well as other Apple product) users canít accept that.

We would like to see Apple doing the right thing and taking responsibility for their products and most of all we would like to make iPod safe.


Short Disclaimer

This website and its content is not against Apple or iPods. iPop is a fun game and is not to be taken seriously. The game is based on pure facts and is not meant to endorse Apple competitor products or to incite consumers against Apple and its products. In contrary, as Apple product users who enjoy its products including the iPod mentioned in the iPop game, we are in favor of these products and will continue using them.

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