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MakeiPodSafe.com is a fun flash game with a twist, due to several iPod explosions and Apple not taking responsibility admitting thereís a problem, Make iPod Safe was created. Attracting iPod and iPhone users from all around the world, Make iPod Safe has become one of the interesting Apple related gimmick websites.

Every time an iPod explodes, traffic to the website is rising and more Apple fans and supporters join and play the game.

Since MakeiPodSafe or in its official name iPop attracts Apple product users and gadget lovers, itís the perfect place to advertise Apple related products and other gadgets.

Other than targeting the products for gadget and Apple product users, the website got a lot of attention and gained massive amount of incoming links.

Advertisers and media buyers with products related to iPod as well as iPhone and other Apple products will find MakeiPodSafe and its highlyVirtual Web Market ranked pages a great place to advertise on. With a Google Page Rank of 4 on the homepage and 3 on inner pages, itís a very good place to buy text links as well as advertise related products.

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