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Exploding iPod

Much like you we were surprised to hear about the exploding iPods.
Itís not as there was only one ipod exploding, there were several of them, and each exploded differently.

Fortunately for its users these exploding iPods didnít cause any deaths or severe damage.
Who knows what will happen in the future.

There are various type of iPods such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch (which is the coolest of them all and apparently the most dangerous of them all).
The fact that several devices exploded donít mean the product is completely defected, however we do believe it should raise a red flag at Appleís headquarter.

If you built it, take responsibility for it.

The facts:

  • - 47 Years old Ken Stanboroug from Liverpool dropped his daughterís iPod Touch after overheating in his hand and after ďhearing an hissing soundĒ he through the device out of the window and then the device exploded.
  • - Apple is being sued for $225,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for an exploding ipod in a 15 years old boy pants pocket which caused a burn in his leg.

Other than these 2 cases apparently there are over 800 cases of iPod devices catching flames.

Instead of coming forward and admitting there might be a problem with the device and of course, fix this problem, Apple is trying to hide this problem.

We hope Apple will take responsibility and fix our beloved iPod as we donít see any better alternative or any device getting even close to the level of the iPod.

All we want it to make ipod safe. No more exploding ipods!