How to avoid iPhone from exploding

How to avoid iPhone from exploding

It’s not a secret anymore, iPhones are tending to explode and there is a real danger while using it in several conditions. The stories about the girl from the US, the French couple and the driver which is now need to replace his car seat are all over the net and we tried to check how we can avoid iPhone from exploding?

According to the news and the stories, the best thing to do in order to be sure that the iPhone is not going to explode is not to use it at all. Keep in on the drawer and it will be safe there, while you will be safe out there. But this is not a real solution since we all love our iPhones and need it for the daily use. The exploding ones made us look dipper into the tempraure notes and to learn something about the real actions to take and to know how to avoid iPhone from exploding.

In its support notes online, at Apple store, there are some words about the optimal temperatures which is safe to use the iPhone. These notes are talking about the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

  • • The usage temperatures range is 0 - 35 Celsius, which is 32-95 Fahrenheit.
  • • The storage temperatures range is -20 – 45 Celsius, which is -4 – 113 Fahrenheit.

If you are breaking this range, Apple says: ”conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to temporarily stop working properly”, nothing about the option the device is about to explode. We must admit that Apple are saying on this web page of support and we also tried to made the iPhone to extreme conditions and we have found out that the iPhone does give a temperature alert and made the user to cool it down.

Anyway, the iPhone don’t need to explode in normal conditions, the temperature notes are just one way to avoid iPhone from exploding, there are some more information about it which will be published in the future.