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iPod: Preserving Battery Life

There's nothing more disappointing than being in the middle of a commute, a song, a game, or a movie and having your iPod's battery depleted. It is true that majority of Apple products is notorious for having poor battery life, and people who utilize their devices pretty well can attest to this. Thankfully, there are various ways where you can save plenty of battery life and squeeze every ounce of power from your devices.

Here are some of the most effective ways to prolong your iPod's battery life:

Turn Off Background Application Refresh

iPod touch devices are very smart. Too smart, in fact, that it monitors the applications you use and makes everything easier and more efficient for its user. For instance, those who regularly check their Facebook accounts are updated with the latest posts or latest mobile offerings of mobile casino Royal Vegas for them to see fresh notifications. This is definitely a cool feature, but one that takes up unnecessary better life. To turn the background application off, proceed to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > then disable the feature.

Turn Off Auto Update

Another clever feature of the iPod touch is its automatic application updates, which automatically updates them when new additions come out. This is nice for those who are too lazy to refresh the programs themselves, but can also suck up juice at the same time. To turn it off, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads > Updates > Move Slider to Off. On top of this, disabling the application suggestions can preserve power. Simply go to Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps > Move both My Apps and App Store slider to off.

Music EQ

No one would ever know that the iPod Touch's music EQ contributes to battery consumption. One aspect of the built-in music app is the equalizer that can be used to boost certain frequencies of sound such as treble, bass, mids, highs, presence, etc. Not everyone appreciates tweaking the natural characteristics of their earbuds/headphones and leaving a flat EQ actually saves battery. To turn off the EQ, tap: Settings > Music > EQ > and off.

Turn Off Location Awareness and Location Settings

The iPod touch has a GPS system that can help users locate the nearest Mcdonald's or Burger King, and to perform this, it grabs the user's location through the Global Positioning System feature. This means the device constantly sends data over Wi-Fi, meaning battery drain. In addition, buried within the privacy settings are loads of features that are non-essential for day to day use of the device. It is advised to turn all of these off for better battery consumption.

Disable Unnecessary Connectivity Features

Turning off your Bluetooth, AirDrop, and Wi-Fi unless it is needed can greatly reduce battery consumption. Any time you need to connect to other devices or the Internet, it uses energy. This is true for all aforementioned functions of the device, which are three battery-devouring operations. Hence, unless you have to employ these functions to convey data or other files, keep them turned off.