iPop - Make iPod Safe

iPod bursting into flames

It happened before and it can happen again, iPod can burst into flames and explode.
There are more than 800 reported cases of iPods bursting into flames or exploding and Apple is doing nothing about it.

Millions of iPod users worldwide are unaware that their iPod might burst into flames, overheat or even explode. Other than the fact it’s merely a music/video player, it’s dangerous.

We’re not talking only about the financial aspect of taking all ipods and repairing them or fixing whatever it is that causes this hazard, we’re talking about the safety of users or property.
People might get hurt, properties might be damaged by a simple music player called iPod.

And again, it’s not like we’re against iPod or Apple, heck, we use it ourselves.
We are Iphone users and formerly iPod users and even our laptop is carrying Apple’s logo.
Nevertheless we believe that Apple must do the right thing to rectify this situation and, bottom line: make ipod safe.

We would like to hear Apple’s comment on this issue and so we give them the stage to speak about this issue, if it’s broken please fix it.

The Make iPod Safe game or iPop was designed to raise awareness to the fact there’s a problem with iPods and that Apple is doing nothing about it, furthermore instead of putting the effort in fixing iPods and admitting there’s a problem (which would probably cost a lot to do) Apple is silencing the iPod incidents and trying to pay for the customer’s silence.

Steve Jobs, we’re asking you to help and stop the ipods from bursting into flames, to come forward and stop this insanity make your customers happy and they will keep buying your products, make ipod safe!

iPod users worldwide unite, spread the world about this game, tell your friend anyone who love Apple and its products and want to make the better.