iPop - Make iPod Safe

iPod Explosions Silence

Every time before Apple launches a new amazing product there are rumors surrounding it, of how it is going to look like, feel like and its price. These rumors are the product of Apple’s Silence.
This Silence is the result of Apple’s brilliant marketing strategy which builds a tension around the product before it goes on sale and causes a big demand when it does go on sale.

When iPods began exploding, silence is something we never expected from Apple.

The iPod Touch which exploded in Liverpool on July this year, the one which Apple tried to trade for silence showed a side of Apple we didn’t expect or want to see.
Apple tried to bribe the victim of the explosion in favor of silencing him and keeping that incident below media radars.

It didn’t work obviously and it was all over the news and there was even a game created for that event – Make iPod Safe.

iPod explosions silence made us think that Apple, the innovative company that we all like and adore for providing us products such as the IPod, Iphone, the MacBook and many more, don’t stand behind their products. This of course is unacceptable.

iPod Explosions will not be silenced. Apple, please clean up your act and take responsibility for your products.
Fix the iPods and make them safe for use.

Other than creating this game and making our stand, we would like to hear what Apple has to say about the iPod explosions.
Silence is bad news for Apple with this one.

iPod users worldwide, take action! Spread the word and help us make ipod safe! Apple, Take action! Take responsibility and fix the iPods! No more silence!