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iPod Hacks—Beef Up Your Devices With These Hacks

The iPod is a groundbreaking gadget in the technological world we live in today. It is a personal device that can store music, contacts, schedules, notes, and other information, which can reveal a lot about one’s personality. From play counts to playlists, these handheld devices can tell other what we enjoy listening to, and even provide a vague description of our personality based on its contents. However, the iPod’s capacity is much more than what the creators advertised it to be. With countless numbers of individuals out there seeking to innovate the device, we can transform any iPod into an instrument that will cater to what its users truly express.

Certain iPod hacks prove to broaden the device’s capacity—whether it’s modifying the case, installing custom software, or expanding the memory—that can turn the music and media player into something unique. Here are three mods that can open a plethora of possibilities for any iPod out there:

Penguin Power

Many consider this as an essential hack for the iPod, which is also known as the iPod Linux hack. The mod allows users to combine Linux and the iPod’s stock software together and allows two modes to for the device. This particular modification supports the first three generations of the iPod and has been successfully satisfying its users. On top of this, users are recommended to grab a copy of Podzilla that adds a graphical interface and allows multiple flavors to be selected.

iPod to TV

Plenty of early iPod users have been suffering from the device’s relatively small screen. Although iPods have the capacity to store and play movies, the notoriously small screen has been a nuisance to many. Thankfully, there is a hack that will allow iPod users to playback movies on their television sets. By simply buying an iPod AV cable, anyone can watch their stored movies through any television.

Shuffle Radio

Not only do iPod Video and iPod Touch owners get the benefit of modifications, but also iPod Shuffle users. This specific hack will allow any iPod Shuffle to gain access to various radio stations. The build notes supplied by a well-renowned iPod aficionado instructs users on how to construct a radio transmitter that plugs into any iPod shuffle. So for those who fancy taking a break from their playlist, the shuffle radio hack is the perfect getaway.

Other than these three hacks, there are more in store for those who wish to maximize the capacity of their iPods. Stay tuned for more hacks and mods for your Apple devices.