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iPod Portable Music Package

The ultimate on the go music package for your iPod is now available with some great advantages to make your music experience the best ever.
This iPod portable music package provides the most efficient quality audio reproduction than any other portable, powered by batteries speakers, to maximize the benefits from your iPod.

The kit contains three main elements.

  • - The first one is the sound deck portable package for outdoors experience.
  • - The second one is for private use. You have the Bose ear phones, as ear type.
  • - The third one is the travel bag which is taking a good care of the iPod portable music package and can be easily opened.
The slim design of the portable package ensures easy traveling with it.

Other elements in this great iPod portable music package are the Apple system in the iPod itself, available connections to DVDís, CDís and other portable music storages, the iPod charger for your home and car, automatic remote control with advanced fixtures, Bose technology for the best volume quality you can get, and many other options you can get by purchasing this great iPod portable music package.

The iPod portable music package is compatible with most of the Iphone and iPod models.
You can have this portable package with your 3G Iphone, 4G iPod, 1G iPod touch and more.
For all the available systems, the iPod portable package can fit and ensure the outdoor music top experience.
Use this system with your CD devices, Disk on Key music folders and any other MP3 player you might have.

Since itís a portable package, the batteries and the option to charge them is very important.
In this portable music package you get rechargeable lithium ion batteries which you can recharge while the system is playing with the docking stations and what it off, from the home charger or the one in your car.

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Bose Portable Music Package