iPop - Make iPod Safe

Make iPod safe

Make iPod safe was created with love to Apple and its products.
As users of its products we were worried to hear that our iPod Nano or iPod Touch might explode while using it with Apple doing nothing about it and so this game was created.

There are millions of iPod users around the world including presidents and thereís no doubt Apple changed the way we listen to music, this is one of the main reasons Apple should come forward and repair the dangerous iPods instead of sweeping them under the carpet.

Before you go and play with your iPod, help us spread the rumor we want to make ipod safe to use.
No more exploding ipods! no more ipod bursting into flames! No more pops! No more cover ups and no more avoiding taking responsibility for products.

We would like to make one point clear, we donít hate apple!
We will keep using Appleís products and recommend them to our friends.

If you would like to support our cause, send this game to your friends and make some noise!
Letís make iPod safe!