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Popular App Store Mobile Game Titles

With the vast collection of games on the Apple App Store, it would take approximately 100 years for every individual to play through every single game. Currently, the App Store is packed with gaming goodies developed by top-notch and start-up companies that are geared to deliver gaming experiences like no other. However, not all iPhone and iTouch games are created equal, which is why this list is here to give users the best and unparalleled moments using their portable devices. After thorough research and hundreds of hours spend, here are some of the best games you can enjoy on your iPhone, iTouch, and iPad today.

Love You To Bits

Love You To Bits is a mobile game that fuses the story of a little boy who reaches space to find parts of his beloved robot girlfriend after she gets blown to pieces. Each planet the player visits involve puzzles that need to be solved in order to retrieve a missing part of the main character's robot girlfriend.


The colors and graphics of this game may look like it was meant to be played by kids under 10 years old, but do not be fooled by these features. Warbits may look colorful and cute from the surface, but beneath its façade is a strategy game that delivers serious gaming. Missions require players to control tanks, ground troops, and other infantry and make the right moves to defeat the enemies.

Lost In Harmony

An elegant combination of audio effects and hues, Lost in Harmony is a rhythm runner game that follows the rather sophisticated story of two friends and their goal to create unforgettable adventures. Levels will have players evading enemies that are coming from behind or in from and tapping on cues that correspond with the music. The music presents a range of genres, including classical, techno, acid, and other variations as the player progresses through the levels.

Chameleon Run

One of the many auto runner games that will surely blow anyone's mind is Chameleon Run. Players will need to think quickly and tap the screen to swap colors and match that of the platform players are about to jump aboard. Increasingly difficult levels further challenge players to pick up items and complete them. This mobile game, then enables players to unlock certain trials, which eventually lead to more points.